About us

Hey, fabulous human! Welcome to InkyTails, the brainchild of Clouventure (they let us borrow their crayons). We're not your average fashionistas; we're the cool cats who believe in the power of oversized tees and witty designs. InkyTails is our playground, and uniqueness is our game.

Picture this: each tee is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, like a fingerprint, but cooler. No repeats, just pure unfiltered awesomeness. We're the rebels of repetition, the renegades of routine fashion. Who needs déjà vu when you can have 'never seen before'?

As part of the Clouventure family, we inherited a knack for innovation and a sense of humor that might be contagious. From abstract designs to oversized comfort, InkyTails is here to make you laugh, turn heads, and maybe even snort with joy.

So, strap in, lovely human, and let's embark on a wild ride of self-expression. InkyTails - because life's too short for boring tees, and we're here to spice up your wardrobe, one sarcastic stitch at a time!